Mouse pointer off in Nuendo 10 mixer SOLVED

Since updating to the latest Windows10 the mouse pointer is off in the mixer in Nuendo 10. For example, when the channels are reduced to a smaller size, on an insert plugin if I click the “e” it opens the plugin selection menu instead. I have to click on the left of the “e” to open the plugin interface.
I found a topic where this was discussed for Cubase a while back. It seems the only work around is for Steinberg to provide a fix. Is there going to be any maintenance updates for Nuendo 10?
Anybody else experiencing this?
Thanks for your help

“Since updating to the latest Windows10…”

Well, then it is a Windows issue, no?

Hopefully, Steinberg does a fix in the new update, but for Nuendo 11. I do not know if they are going to release one more update for Nuendo 10.

It would be if the same problem was occurring with all or at least some of the other software I use. Since Nuendo is the only one, it is a Steinberg problem.
I imagine I am not the only one experiencing this issue. Do I really need to update to Nuendo 11 just to solve this? Nothing in N11 that really interests me and I am not asking to fix a 10 years old piece of software to make it work with a new OS.
Anybody from Steinberg confirming there won’t be any maintenance updates for N10?

What exact version of Nuendo do you use? 10.3.10? Then it should be solved already…
If not… hmmm then report it back to Steinberg

Thanks! I had 10.3. I even checked with the Steinberg Download Assistant and didn’t see it.
It’s fixed.

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