Mouse pointer stuck on range selection in VariAudio?


I’m doing some vocal editing in VariAudio and somehow I’ve selected range selection and can’t get the mouse pointer back? When I right click there isn’t an option to select the pointer?


Doh rookie error. All sorted now :slight_smile: It’s been a long time since I’ve used VariAudio :laughing:

Sorry it happened to me as well. Not sure what [tab] stands for… tapping on ‘tab’ didn’t help in my case

Happened to me too, and that “[tab]” answer above did not help at all.

But I found the solution eventually, so here it is for others who (like me) end up on this page when Googling.

You have to turn on Variaudio edit mode on again.

This can be found in the left side dropdown menus (Definition, AudioWrap, VariAudio, etc).

  1. Open VariAudio dropdown
  2. Click the mouse arrow icon in “Edit VariAudio”