mouse pointer turns to speaker on wave form and I cant turn it back

Can you help please, new Cubase LE user. I have a project with 10 tracks all with waveforms and valid audio output

I must have pressed an option button somewhere. The mouse pointer turns to a speaker Icon on any waveform and I can only hear that one track from that point for as long as the mouse is pressed. I can no longer hear the whole mix as output. Speaker DAW headphones all working fine… Ive lost 5 hours on this now and no idea how to get back.

I have tried other projects files and they all have the same issue so it must be a setting somewhere I would think.

any help appreciated.

I have tried the following :
turn off bluetooth as that was the speakers I was using and I am now just using headphones into the Steinberg UR22 DAW. the DAW and headphones are working fine for everything else.

I can confirm the Audio connections, studio setup I believe are correct for the DAW in Studio showing the Steinberg Asio and the bus

but still no sound
open Cubase remove preferences
Screenshot 2020-05-25 at 08.57.31.png
open Cubase factory settings

Still no joy…

Do I reinstall from scratch?