Mouse problem in Cubase


Probably, after updating the Cubase

When I drag the mouse and turn the wheel, it doesn’t move

I’m so uncomfortable right now because this comfortable function doesn’t work

Did Steinberg intentionally remove this feature?

I’m using

mac, big sur 11.6

The mouse is RAZER & Magic Mouse

Cubase is 10.5

But Cubase 10.5 is a few years old so it hasn’t been changed in that time. We are now on Cubase 12

Would you mind explaining this a little closer?

I’m sorry that my English is not good :sob:

When I try to select audio blocks of many tracks,
First, click the left mouse button
and At the same time I try to move the screen up by turning the mouse wheel, but it is impossible.
When I let go of the mouse from my hand,
then the screen moves
I’ve never been like this before, but I don’t understand why this suddenly happens.
Let me know if you have any more questions
I’ll try to explain again :innocent:

yes yes i know that :blush:
I was still using the 10.5 version and had no problems, but one day suddenly this happened.
I ran the update of version 10.5 in the Steinberg Download Assistant, but I think this happened after that.