Mouse problem in Halion Sonic SE screen

Hi, when I open the Halion Sonic screen from the ‘play’ window, my mouse cursor is out of alignment - ie if I hover over a button and click, the button below (or sometimes 2 below) is selected. Have others had this problem? Is there a solution? I’m on a PC, haven’t had mouse problems with any other software.

What if you grab the HALion window at the title bar and move it a little? Does that stop the misalignment?


Hi, yes that does fix it - thanks Ulf.

Had the same problem, thank you very much. Uncomfortable bug, I have to do this every time…

Do you have more than one monitor by chance with somewhat different ratio or resolution? Mine has that behavior on one of them.

I’ve had the same issue on my laptop. Glad for the workaround, but it shouldn’t be necessary to do it each time I want to use the interface. Maybe in the update🤞