Mouse Scroll Behavior

Hello There,

My system occasionally loses horizontal mouse wheel function after working for a while in the project window.
Upon restarting the program, it works again normally, as suppose to.

Any ideas ? Do others experience this issue ?
Using a standard 2 button Microsoft laser mouse, USB

W7 Pro_64bit_N6.03.
Intel i7-3930K / 16 GB DDR3-1600


Same here!

Happened several times!

Last time I un-checked and re-checked the “use mousewheel”-pref in menu. That worked for some time until issue returned…

I’ve found a solution to this:

In the project window - just double click on a track as if to rename it. (activate the area where you type in a name, then just press enter on your keyboard without actually changing the name)

Then mouse scrolling returns.

I’ve had this problem since the release of N6…

:sunglasses: Many thanx Robin !

However strange this solution is…it works.


I experience this as well, found the same fix by accident.
I use the volume setting on the info line though.
Just select an object and click in the volume field,
now scroll your mouse and it will magically start working again.