mouse scroll wheel behaviour on play tab

Just a wee bug-bear.

Windows standard for use of the scroll wheel is as follows:

  1. scroll wheel by itself, moves vertical scroll-bar in the direction of the wheel, so scrolling up moves the page down (scroll control up).
  2. Scroll + Shift key = move horizontal scroll bar. Up means move scroll control to the left.
  3. Scroll + Ctrl key = ZOOM

Dorico is standards compliant in the write and engrave window, but different behaviour in the play window.

Scroll wheel by itself does horizontal scrolling only. No way I can find to scroll vertically using the scroll wheel.
Ctrl Scroll and shift scroll are also mapped to horizontal scroll, and no zoom that I can find.

looks like it’s just the play window itself trapping scroll messages and ignoring modifier. If you select a scroll bar, the scroll control works as expected.

This has been requested a few times, I was really hoping it would be available in this version…

Unlike Write and Engrave modes which are canvases, the Play window is a table view and we are limited by the behaviour of the underlying Qt framework in terms of scrolling.

why does it start working when I give some other window the focus?