Mouse Scroll Wheel doesn't work

I recently purchased a Razer Abyssus gaming mouse to use with Cubase. Unfortunately the scroll wheel doesn’t scroll in Cubase. The scroll wheel works fine in firefox and other programs, but I can’t use scrolling in Cubase. (Win 7)

When I plug my old Logitech mouse back again the scroll wheel works in Cubase fine. This problem must be related to the drivers that the Razer mouse is using. Any ideas if this can be fixed somehow?

I’m guessing that a “gaming mouse” is a device more similar to a joystick in function than to a regular mouse. That would explain why it doesn’t work in Cubase. Like I said, just guessing…

It is a mouse, not joystick.

After re-installing the mouse drivers, I managed to get the scroll wheel to work in Cubase!