Mouse scroll wheel stops working within Cubase


First time poster here, new to Cubase. Hope I’m not posting this in the wrong place.

I’ve been using Cubase Pro 9.5 for a few weeks now. Overall, it runs very well on my computer with no serious bugs yet - EXCEPT the program intermittently stops responding to my mouse scroll wheel. When this happens, as far as I can tell, the scroll wheel does nothing on any screen within Cubase. Cannot use it to zoom or scroll or change focus. It still works outside of Cubase. Sometimes within the same session, Cubase will start responding to it again, seemingly at random.

The mouse is an old wired Logitech, probably from the year 2003. It works fine otherwise, and I’ve never had this problem in any other program, so I’m pretty sure it’s a software issue.

I did search the forum and found similar complaints from around 2015-2016, but with no resolution and I didn’t see anything more recent than that.

Is anyone else having this problem, and is anyone aware of a resolution?

Ctrl + Wheel zoom time
Shift + Wheel zoom track
On Mac use CMD instead of Ctrl.

I am experiencing this same issue. Ctrl+mouse wheel doesn’t work sometimes. Seems to happen after I save-as. If I close the project and re-open it, it starts working again.

This also happens just after I import a MIDI file. I’m using Cubase Artist 7.