mouse scrolling direction

hi there - for those of us who still use trackball mice on a mac, is it possible to reverse direction of the scrollwheel? Shift-scrolling downward typically would bring someone later in the score, but in Dorico it does the reverse.

Thank you!

There’s no option for this within Dorico, but you should find that Dorico respects whatever OS-wide settings you have chosen in System Preferences.

gotcha – it’s just the exact opposite direction of my DAW, which I’m using concurrently with Dorico… but I think I can reverse the scrolling direction in the DAW, so it’s the same as Dorico’s.

Is there a Dorico solution yet?
The scrolling is direction is the opposite of Cubase.

I wasn’t aware of this until you mentioned it. I’m now looking at Dorico’s’ Write and Play modes and I’ve got Cubase’s main window on a different screen. On my Mac the two programs are scrolling the same way. That includes sideways scrolling (using Shift).

However, that’s just a very quick test. Where are the differences you’re seeing?

I’m using:
Dorico 3
Nuendo 10
Windows 10

Nuendo behavior:
(Shift) scroll up = forward in time

Dorico behavior:
(Shift) scroll up = backwards in time

Hi VV. That’s not the case for me for me - if I shift-scroll up, I’m going forwards in time in both Dorico and Cubase. I’m using a Logitech MX Master 2S mouse and the scroll direction is set to Natural (not Standard).

This page contains some tips as to what to do with mouse direction for Windows users.

VV, I get the same results as you on Win 10 in Dorico and Cubase. You have to see Dorico’s movement of the mouse in Play mode in relation to the movements in Write Mode. It would be very strange, if the page (in page view) would move down, if you roll the Mouse wheel up. Therefore I think, Dorico’s actual behaviour is the most natural one.