Mouse scrolling issues in Cubase Mix Console

I am currently trialling Cubase Pro 10 with a view to transitioning from Digital Performer (20+ years…)

I’ve set up a few test projects and generally everything makes sense - except… I am finding the mouse scrolling to be really treacherous in the Mix Console. I have to be super careful when hovering the mouse anywhere near the faders or making any selections without the scrolling feature creating havoc with fader levels etc… it’s so easy to make accidental changes. I’m on a Mac but imagine this affects Windows users also.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any option to disable the mouse scrolling so any operations in the Mix Console are like a white knuckle ride.

I did some forum searches and apparently this is a well documented issue going back a number of years. Seems like such a simple feature to implement an option to disable scrolling or make it available with a modifier key when needed. Is there any prospect of Steinberg addressing this or are there any suggested workarounds?

I’ve not encountered anything similar in any other DAW so it’s making me hesitate committing to moving to Cubase which is unfortunate as I like many aspects of the programme.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

1st post… WELCOME! :wink:

No good workarounds. All I can say is that, with continued use, you will get somewhat used to this (unwanted by some) behavior.

Link to the latest feature request for the scrolling concern.

Hope this small issue does not sour your decision about Cubase. Have fun deciding. :wink:

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Many thanks for the kind welcome and the link to the feature request.

Hopefully Steinberg will pick up on this one day - meantime, I’ll work on my mousing chops in the Mix Console…

Thanks again!