Mouse selection causes CPU spike.

I’ve noticed CPU spiking when using the selection tool in Cubase (7.0.2).

Oddly this occurs only when adjusting the selection rectangle (but not when moving events, parts or notes) in Cubase. Doing the a similar thing (graphically speaking) on the Win 7 desktop sees very little change even with Cubase running in the background.

Mouse is an MS Wheel Mouse Optical with latest drivers. Main monitors are driven off mortherboard ports.
I’ve tried other USB ports.

Anybody noticed this? Thoughts welcome.

I have a response to this, sure. Sometimes within the video card control panel - Nvidia in particular - there are options to alter the mouse behavior. Update your video card drivers and release your mouse from any SPECIALIZED OR OTHERWISE UNUSUAL PROGRAM OR BEHAVIOR.

I use a Kensington Expert trackball with a Kensington driver via a usb port, no issues. I also use a Radion HD 6570 with the latest drivers. I switched to AMD/Radeon when I had some problems with the Nvidia control panel, BTW. Just remember that these video cards will install their control panel program just to provide the drivers - BUT - you can uninstall the control panel program once the drivers are installed. I have to do it everytime I update. Also remove any mouse software from the taskbar. For example, the setup program for the Kensington product leaves software on the taskbar that I have to remove. (In this example, however, I do leave the program on my PC.)

This is all I got. What you are looking for when you see this type of behavior is some type of dual layer connection to the mouse.