Mouse selection of note selects whole bar

I have a piano wqrk, about 70 pages long. Suddenly a couple of sections in the middle misbehave, and only a few sections, in that attempting to select one note or object selects the whole bar. I have restarted Dorico several times and also rebooted to no effect. For example we have:

What on earth can cause this? Is my score somehow corrupt? How to solve this?

Clicking on the stave in Write mode is supposed to select the whole bar. Where are you clicking? Remember you can always type Cmd/Ctrl-Z to undo the last step, and Dorico’s very granular about this - if your steps were to select one note, Cmd/Ctrl-click another note, then accidentally select the whole bar, undoing will leave the two previously selected notes selected.

I would imagine that were you to click on the notehead of a (cross-staff) note borrowed from the staff above (or below) Dorico would think you are clicking on an empty area of the measure and select the entire bar.

I’ve just tried that with some cross-staff piano music here. Dorico’s better than you imagine :wink:

I am being careful to click on a single note, at high magnification.

I have had to revert to a backup and lose half a day’s intensive work. It’s a worry.

Why would this only affect one or two small sections?

Without seeing the file and the affected area, no idea.
If there is something project-specific here, it’s not something I remember ever having seen reported before (though if it’s been reported since December I may have missed it).

And in those selections I am unable to select System Text objects.

I know this sounds absurd but this happended after I started adding a few dozen section numbers in circled nmerals using the Encercle font I purchased. It does rather clever things with OpenType features to make the circled numerals, and I am speculating that this somehow blows up Dorico. Part of my evidence for this is that I cannot select System Text any more. Maybe totally off beam, but it’s a suspect in the case.

Presumably your next move is to strip out these section numbers, Save As a new filename, close, reopen and see if selection behaviour goes back to normal. Can you select passages using the System Track and then Filter System Text?

That I did, and now it works.