Mouse selection of single elements at low zoom levels - can we get a bit of "auto-aim"?

When looking at a score zoomed out and trying to click a note to select it, I frequently don’t get the selection I wanted, specifically in these two cases:

In Engrave mode, in can be hard or impossible to select a notehead because its stem or another element seems to be preferred. Especially in situations like in the attached pic, it can be impossible to select the notehead and not its flag or slur (without zooming in a lot) even when seemingly clicking right on it.

In Write mode, frequently when I try to click a note and I am a little bit off, very disruptively, there are two elements selected, e.g. two adjacent notes or note and slur.
This happens when I click somewhat in between two elements in tight spacing. Is there a way to turn this behaviour off? I cannot imagine a situation where I would want to select two items instead of one. [the very much appreciated ability to click a stem or a beam in write mode to select a group of notes is a different thing of course] Maybe the bounding boxes of notes could be increased slightly at lower zoom levels to help with aiming?

So I would like to hear: Am I the only one bothered by these things or are there some of you who also run into this a lot and find themselves for example having to zoom in to make a selection and then zoom out again? What could be done in your opinion to help with making mouse selections when zoomed out?


Hold down Shift and Alt or (Shift and Opt on Mac) then click repeatedly - Dorico will cycle round all of the possible selections.

Thank you thats a great tip and helps a lot! Regarding the selection of two or more elements with one click in write mode - am I the only one who finds this strange? Why would I want this to happen?

It’s likely because there’s an invisible blinding box around each element, and they can easily overlap.

You are not the only one. I cannot think of a single example where I would like to select 2 objects with one click.

When I searched for the thread I started for this, I learned that I actually started 2 threads already :mrgreen: : (with a few nasty examples)

For now I always select everything with alt and shift keys pressed. (Only multiple selections are not possible this way, because cmd+click and alt+shift+click cannot be combined.)