Mouse settings right button cubase pro 13

How I can set my mouse settings (right botton) in Cubase 13 pro
In 9.5 I liked my settings see picture
mouce settings cubase 13 pro|295x257
cubase 9.5 pro|266x500
In cubase 13 pro it is like this:
How I can find the settings in the preference? to change it like in cubase 9.5 pro

Hi there and welcome to the forums!

There is no setting to change the right click menu to the way it was in version 9.5 Iā€™m afraid.

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The variation of the right mouse button was with cubase 9.5 pro great a pity it can no longer be adjusted for cubase 13 pro.
Now I am forced to search at the top of the menu. Thanks for your response and help :grinning: