Mouse snap mode in Engrave mode

Dear forum and Dorico developers,

is there a way to snap the mouse horizontally or vertically while moving the end of a hairpin, tuplet bracket, slur, etc.?
E.g. I have a n tuplet for a harp that goes over two systems and want to modify the end points such, that the tuplet bracket does not colide with the notes or slurs. It is easy and nice to grab the end square handle to move it arround. But in this case I just want to move the bracket vertically, but want to keep the horizontal position. Is there a possibility to lock the movement in one direction?
Simmilarly I want to keep the vertical position, when I want to adjust the end or start position of a hairpin.

I know it from CAD and other software, that one can lock it in one direction by pressing the shift, ctrl or alt key.

Beside that, the Dorico 3 release is marvelous! The new condensing feature works like a charm!

Best regards, Felix

Hi felixp!
You should find that Dorico is more keyboard-oriented, at least that’s how you get the best of it. You can move handles with alt+arrows, and you’ll find that alt+shift+arrows has bigger increments. Hope it helps!

Hi Marc,

thanks for the hint. I will try it.
I agree, that Dorico is more keyboard oriented and that is fine. But on a page full of handles one has to use the mouse to select one and then it would be for me the more natural way to change the element with the mouse than moving the hand back to the keyboard and change then the elements.
Perhaps my idea is more for the future. There are more important things that the team has to work on.

Best regards, Felix

Yes, we would like to add e.g. Shift+drag for constraining an item on the horizontal or vertical axis, but that is not currently a feature of the software.

I found this video Tip: Constrain dragging in Engrave mode to one direction – Dorico so I assume it has been implemented already. However if I try it I drag the screen around, not the object. I have been going through the preferences but couldn’t find an option to alter this behaviour.


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Haha I found it already…first click, then shift…not the other way around.

Didn’t know that was a thing! Thanks!