"Mouse Time Position" not work as expected when Step Input is active

In Cubase 11 Pro, within Score Editor I was able to tap into the “Mouse Time Position” field and enter a value there. This allowed to jump to the desired position very quickly, regardless of how far away the position is from the current one. In Cubase 12, this field seems to only show the time position, editing is no longer possible, which disturbs the workflow.

As far as I know the Mouse Time Position is just an indication (information). Normally you should not be able to edit that info, which was the case in Cubase 11, and wrong.
The behavior seems to have been corrected in Cubase 12.
Editing that value had no effect in Cubase 11 AFAIK.
Are you sure you were able to jump to anther position by editing that value before ?
(If I am not mistaking (@steve ?) )

(the issue isn’t solved, but a report has been sent.)

I can actually confirm this. It functioned when Step Input was on in Cubase 11 Pro, and in 12 it’s not editable. Feature lost (only for the moment, hopefully.)

Note: this is the same in the Key editor, and in both LZ and Windowed editors.

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Step Input :bulb:
I don’t use that enough.

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Thank you @steve for the illustrative video. @Maestro I can not agree with the opinion “Normally you should not be able to edit that info, which was the case in Cubase 11, and wrong.” For me that display ist not just an indication (information). Even in Cubase 12 I still can and have to set the position (= the blue locator) when using step input. Either with the mouse (uncomfortable) or by moving the blue locator with the arrow keys (but only with the step size of the quantization).

@RBcub this has been reported to the dev team.
@Maestro had replied, btw, he knows it’s broken now. The missing info was that it’s only applicable when Step Input is active.

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In Cubase 11 the Mouse Time Position value is editable even if Step Input is not activated, without having any effect. This is misleading in my opinion, and should not be allowed.

Edit: in a nutshell when Step Input is off, the Mouse Time Position display just shows the time position of your mouse pointer on the score page. In this mode it’s just an info for inserting or moving elements in the score using the mouse.

(anyway it will ever be corrected in Cubase 11)

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(Edited title – this can be repro’d in both Score and Key editors)

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I used that feature of the mouse time position since at least Cubase 7.
So, there’s that.
thanks for listening