Mouse tooltip in editors

People are complaining about the contrast between black and white keys and I agree. However I think there’s a nice solution for it by simply™ adding a text to the cursor which displays

  • the current pitch above which the mouse hovers in piano roll (bonus points for showing the length of a note if hovering an actual note) as shown in mockup below
  • the articulation which the mouse hovers in articulation tab (so I don’t have to guess at which articulation I am right now by looking it up on the left side)
  • the interpolated value in automation lanes, i.e. if there’re two automation points 0 and 127 and I hover just in the middle I want to see a 63.

Do you use Cubase 8/9?
Looks fine in Cubase 11


It’s the same in Cubase 8/9 or much older. If you Zoom In Vertically, you can see the Notes name/Pitch.

That’s kind of the thing. You can only see it if you zoom enough vertically or if there’s an actual note. Same for articulations at the bottom. Their names are only on the left. On an ultra wide screen I need to guess on which articulation lane I am