Mouse & Trackpad scrolling gesture changes value of any control under Pointer; how to disable?

Gaaa!!! I’m just trying to scroll up or down, whether in Project Window, MixConsole, or any other window, but if the mouse pointer just so happens to be over a control, instead of scrolling it changes the value of that control!!

Is there any way to completely turn off this “feature”?

While I’d probably use this feature a whole lot if and only if I could assign it to a different gesture, e.g., Ctrl-Click-Scroll, it very often kills my flow being overloaded with scroll! When working hot and heavy, going between windows during Tracking sessions, I have had many “WTF just happened?” moments, where I’m trying to scroll to a different track, but instead I just screwed up one or more preciously dialed-in settings, often not knowing this immediately, or even knowing what changed. (I’ve sometimes had to resort to poring through History to figure out what the previous settings were!).

I’d have sworn this was once a preference in Settings, but I’m not finding it now.

FWIW, gesture “overloading” like this is generally considered very bad form in GUI design; use two different gestures, if you have two different output behaviors.

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