Mouse wheel button pans in project window, but not mixer???


If I hold the mouse wheel button (middle button) in the project window, I can scroll/pan horizontally or vertically.

The middle button does nothing in the mixer window though.

Is there a way to allow the middle button to pan horizontally in the mixer window too?
It might help stop me accidentally making fader adjustments with the mouse wheel :laughing:

In the fader part of the mix window, place your mouse pointer over (almost) anything but the faders, and mouse-wheel up/down will pan horizontally.

Too bad the middle-mouse button/hand-pan doesn’t work consistently in the different parts of Cubase, though.

Thanks. I know I can use the mousewheel to scroll, but it’s so easy to accidentally move a fader if your cursor is in the wrong position.
Consistently using the middle mouse button to scroll/pan in all windows would eliminate this problem entirely as it wouldn’t take long to get out of the habit of using the mousewheel to scroll.

If it works in the project window, I’m hoping it can’t be that difficult to turn on the function in the mixer window too. In fact, the middle mouse button does allow you to pan around the channel rack section of the mixer window, but doesn’t work on the fader section - which is where it would seem more useful.
This inconsistency makes it seem like maybe, it was forgotten or not noticed that it works in some areas, but not others.

I could be wrong, but once you click in the right area to give it focus, do the left/right arrow keys do the job?

Yes, that’s true, but that’s just another example of the inconsistency between the project and mixer window.

Left/right cursor can horizontal scroll in the mixer window, but not the project window.

Middle mouse button can pan (which is basically the same as scrolling) in all 4 directions in the project window, but only vertical pans in the rack section of the mixer window. Does not work at all on the fader section of the mixer window.

Shift+mouse wheel can horizontal scroll in the project window and will only scroll in the mixer window if you aren’t near the fader, pan, or rack section - which leaves a very small area that your cursor can actually be.

One simple horizontal scroll function that worked in all instances would be much easier to work with, especially given that this is a basic navigational feature. Aside from the space bar, scrolling horizontally is probably the most used function.

I actually don’t mind the shift + mousewheel function, except that it’s so easy to move a fader by mistake and then not be able to undo it.