Mouse wheel don´t works after drop audio file.

Hi all!

Since the 8.0.10 update I have this problem:

Drag one audio file from windows and drop it into cubase:
the mouse wheel don´t works. (Track scroll and zoom in / out with Ctrl + Wheel)

If I click outside cubase (in any window or desk) and then click again into cubase, the wheel works fine.

For my work, I do this actions constantly and I lose a lot of time with this bug.


the same here!

Yes, exact same behaviour here.

Please, help from steinberg. This problem is very frustrating for me.
can anyone help me?

Post your system info.

Here’s my info to try and get work started on this easily replicable bug:

ASRockZ97 Pro4 with i7 4790k and 16gb
Windows 8.1 64bit
Logitech M185 mouse with K270 keyboard (“Unifying” system)
Cubase Artist 8.0.10 64bit
RME RayDat

As the above poster said, it’s really annoying, especially when mixing from stems! :slight_smile:

Not so easily reproducible, actually. On my systems I am not seeing it. Using a Kensington Trackball.

My system info:

Win 7 64 bits SP1 and up to date.
HP Pavilion Elite HPE Series.
Intel i7
16Gb RAM
HD SSD 256Gb Kingston
Geforce GTX 750ti
RME Fireface 800

In fact, the mousewheel seems utterly dodgy when it comes to scrolling the tracklist, with or without dropping an audio file. Just opened a project I use for testing and it exhibits that behaviour straight away, again cured by using the mousewheel in Windows Explorer.

This needs to be looked into, and not just by one volunteer with a trackball, versus the three people who are posting here.

If (at least) three people are saying that this is happening, surely more investigation is warranted? Personally speaking, I am finding it a real PITA and will contact Steinberg if nothing comes of this thread.

I have tried to reproduce this issue on my system and on Fabio Bartolini’s DAW, with no results (Win 8.1 and 7 respectively). Unless I have a visual clue of what’s happening on the affected system, I won’t be able to add a queue in our resolution bug list.

Non reproducible issues can only be analyzed by our team on a remote support session. That way, we will investigate and look for the specific cause of the mouse wheel problem.

EDIT: Due to privacy agreements and legal regulations, the remote support sessions might be only available to customers from their respective support teams.

OK, well thanks for trying anyway, I’m glad to see that someone else had a look.

When I get time, I’ll try to contact support with the issue in front of me (I’ve got a project that does it every time) and hopefully we can move forward.

Thanks again.

I have the same probleme but for me, it occurs after changing the fixed tempo of my project. That project has midi files but also audio files which were automatically wrap.
As I saved the project just after, I always have the mouse wheel problem with this particular project even if i restart CP8.
EDIT: the audio repository was not in the project repository if it could help…
EDIT2 : I have just succed in making work correctly again now.
1- I have relocated my audio folder into my project folder
2- I saved my project with another name
3- I restarted CP8

=> Hope that helps!!

I am on win7, latest CP8 version.

same problem here!
Mouse wheel functionality is gone VERY OFTEN. Couldn´t track down what causes the problem, almost any action could be the culprit…
My workaround so far: clicking somewhere outside of Cubase…gets easily annoying when you have to do it every other minute.

Mouse wheel still stops working after a while for some reason in 8.0.20.
The problem does not occur as often as it did in 8.0.10, but now I cannot bring back the mouse wheel by clicking somewhere outside the Cubase GUI or by double clicking a value and alter it with the mouse wheel. Now the only cure is a restart of the application… :cry:

Did anyone find a resolution for this issue? I get that Steinberg can’t really work a bug that they can’t reproduce, but it does seem a little hard to believe it’s that difficult to reproduce. I’m using a bone stock Toshiba z30 laptop. Factory image wiped and Win 7 x64 installed. Cubase 8.0.10. I can’t do a remote session with Steinberg because I do not allow this system on the network - seems to keep it cleaner and eliminates the need to run anti-virus and malware software. In any case, I have a similar issue in terms of symtpoms, though my cause seems to be different. After editing an audio or midi file, I lose the ability zoom or scroll with ctrl-mouse-wheel or shit-mouse-wheel, respectively. I haven’t determined what brings the functionality back but it does come back after a bit. I do not have to restart the application. It’s a PITA but less so that restarting!

Here same problem in 8.0.30

you have to activate main window again .

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