Mouse Wheel Event Volume/Fade Question

On my Windows machine, I’m able to use the mouse wheel to change event volume 1dB at a time. Super useful for quick adjustments when I’m mixing via clip gain.

On my Mac, it’s fixed at 0.1 dB at a time if I go slowly, and the more I scroll, the quicker and larger the changes become, gradually escalating to something like 16dB per scroll. This isn’t really useful at all and slows down my mixing process.

I was wondering if anyone had sorted out a way on Mac to fix the scrolling integer to 1dB at a time. I’ve already looked into the Logitech Control Center, USB Overdrive, and the mouse system preferences. I remember a time a few years back when this wasn’t an issue. Somewhere along the way as things were updated, it changed, and it’s just been annoying since then.

Any insight would be welcome. Thanks.


Try to hold down Shift modifier to get to the “fine-tuning” mode. The step is 0.4 then. Does it help to you?