Mouse wheel in the mixer - Scroll up/down vs Change values-problem

When I searched the forum for this I could find a few people mentioning it, but I didn’t find any post that was solely about this issue.

I find it very hard to scroll up and down in the mixer with the mouse wheel in larger projects, since the mouse wheel also changes values of basically all parameters in the mixer.

This is not only frustrating but often mess upp things and slows down workflow a lot.

I saw this brought up once in one of the Cubase hangouts with Greg Ondo and he said that this is a known problem, but it’s hard to do anything about it since it’s some kind of standard built in function that’s hard to get around… (I don’t remember exactly how Greg described it, but it was apparently not that easy to solve this according to him).

Couldn’t a solution to this problem though be to keep the function exactly as is, but also add a feature that forces to mouse wheel to scroll in the mixer when, for example, holding down the ctrl key+using the mouse wheel?

That way you could play it safe and wouldn’t have to risk changing any parameters in the mixer holding down this key while using the mouse wheel, but without having to loose the already implemented function.

It would be incredible nice to have this solved, because I hate getting frustrated with Cubase because of this, because I really love the program…

I hate it when I try to navigate quickly through the project window using the mouse wheel (in my case a Apple magic mouse) and values get changed. It is so easy to screw up a meticulously build up mix like that.
I would definitely prefer a second action (hold a key) to change values using mouse scroll wheel (or swipe functions of magic mouse).

Please look into this.

Here’s a post about it - Disable mouse fader movement in the mix console - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I agree - this “amazing feature” frustrates the hell out of me, too. It does get mentioned in forums, but is ignored. I guess people just learned to live with it (and many other half-assed design implementations) over the years.

Thanks for the replies.
Nice to see that this is an issue that been brought up before.

Annoying though that it seems to be ignored by Steinberg… I guess all we can do is keep reminding and nagging them about this until they do something about it… I’m sure there are Steinberg employees that find this annoying as well, so I keep my fingers crossed that it’ll be fixed…