Mouse Wheel issue has disappeared?

Mouse wheel would stop functioning after a “Save as”
Has this been fixed in Cub 7.5?

I know Nuendo 6.07 still had this issue.
After installing Cubase 7.5 trial, the issue seems to have gone away.
Can anyone else confirm this or point me to the thread where they
confirm fixing this?


Yes, I also had this problem in Cubase 7.0.6 but I think it was fixed in 7.5.10. I never had another similar issue.

If it has been fixed then…

3 Cheers and a Tiger for Steinberg!


It has been fixed in C7.5.10 but also in C7.0.7/N6.0.7 (search for wheel in Timo’s Announcement) . Please report reproduction steps if you still have this issue.

I no longer have this issue, I was just wondering when it was fixed.
I did read that announcement when it was posted but I thought the reference to the “wheel”
was talking about some other issue.

Thanks for the info.