Mouse wheel question

When I use the mouse wheel to change the tempo in the tempo box, it causes things to happen in the event display, like Zoom in and out and scroll through the measures.
Is this something I can deactivate? I would like the scroll wheel on the mouse to only affect the object under mouse focus.

Go the the key commands menu as it’s probably in there

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t see it there.
I’m using artist 10.5, in case that matters…

Now I realize that it doesn’t have to do with the scroll wheel.
when I adjust the tempo in the tempo box on the transport bar, it causes the “primary time display” parameter to change as well. So they’re linked somehow. But it doesn’t work in the other direction. Moving the primary time display doesn’t affect the tempo.


Then I found this:

Going to have to do some contemplation on why these two things would be connected.