Mouse Wheel reverse on Grid Type/Quantize Presets (need an option)

Am I only one who get this very annoying?
On most controls in Cubase we have parameters increasing when rolling mouse wheel up. It’s normal - Up is positive so program is increasing the volume. Down - decreasing.

With the Grid Type and Quantize Presets popup lists you guys (developers) did it mathematically precise, because 1/32 is bigger piece than 1/64 despite of the number taken to divide. But in reality - visually I intuitively roll mouse wheel up to if needed increasing that divider.

So let say mouse wheel in these popups changes not value, but the divider. Up = increasing and Down = decreasing as it’s on any other parameter.

Why? Because we don’t see the value (1/4=0.25, 1/8=0.125 etc) but we see a divider and operate on it.

Maybe many of composers get used to use this as is, but I hope there are many who are quiet and on every move get it conflicted. Therefore maybe it can have an option in properties? Let say “reverse mouse wheel reaction on dividers (grid/quantize)”.