Mouse wheel scrolling gets "stuck" sometimes

I don’t know if this is just my Windows 7 x64 issue but anyway I have the newest Cubase update installed and the latest drivers and Windows updates on my PC.

I’m not sure if I remember correctly possibly having some other applications/file-explorer windows also open at the same time with Cubase 8.5 but sometimes the vertical scrolling of the project with a mouse wheel renders not-working. And when I press “show my desktop” and “re-activate” Cubase, the vertical scrolling starts working again.

And in BOTH cases the Cubase app IS THE ACTIVE application. I have tried just clicking the project window multiple times but been unable to have vertical mouse wheel scrolling working again. Sometimes when I manually scroll vertically via the scroll bar, THEN the mouse wheel scrolling starts working again.

Anyone else encountered this issue?

:bulb: shocked cyclops

I click the volume in the info bar.

This is annoying.

Same here.
I noticed that it happens to me when I open an existing project and when a mix windows is open but hidden in the background. It’s like the mix windows keeps receiving mouse-wheel messages.

close the mix window and click back to the project window. This works for me.

This minor bug have been there since at least version 8. I’m using 9.5.

Hope this helps.