Mouse wheel Scrolling Update?

Did the direction of “mouse-wheel-scrolling” recently update in Cubase 13??

I have been “scrolling up” to zoom INTO an event,
“scrolling down” to zoom out, but today I noticed it’s literally reversed!

Also, project scrolling and mixer scrolling are not the same; “mouse wheel + scroll up” moves FORWARD in time in the project window, but the same “mouse wheel + scroll up” moves BACKWARD in the mixer view???

Anybody else dealing with this?

Not seeing that here. What is the setting in the control panel of whatever OS you’re on?

I presume you are talking about the scroll wheel direction, and not two commands combined (mouse wheel + scroll up).

Scroll up and scroll down should increase/decrease values respectively. So scrolling up in the mixer should go toward higher numbered tracks, and down to lower.

But without your OS info, there could be more to say, but it’s not possible.

Mac OS Ventura 13.6.1