Mouse won't work

Hello folks,

Having problems using my usb connected mouse/pad on the mac in Cb6.
I can drag the windows etc, but the clicks won’t work…

I use a 2013 MacB Pro with retina.

I tried to change usb ports and re install, but with no success. The mouse/pad works fine in other programs…

Any suggestions what to do?


That’s weird. Could there be a conflict with another remote controller for Cubase?

Not using any other remote controller… as far as I know. Only thing connected is my UR22 soundcard.

Still not found out what it is…

There must be some kind of blocking. Any suggestions???

I ran into the same issue on my Macbook Pro with Retina. The problem is the pixel resolution of the Retina Display. Cubase can’t handle this display yet so it makes it appear that your mouse is the problem.

This link will solve your issue:

Extremly late, but thank you INDIGLo!