Mouse Zoom and Split Windows

This is a fairly minor issue, but I just wanted to point out a place where Dorico is behaving a bit unintuitively.

When you’ve got a split window, using a trackpad to move the field of view around works as expected—it controls whichever side the mouse is hovering over. However, using the mouse to zoom works on whichever window is “in focus” regardless of where the mouse is hovering. Again, minor, but a bit confusing, as you intuitively want to be able to pinch-to-zoom whatever window section you hover over.

Of course, zooming with key commands should follow the focus, not the mouse location, so these should be independent of one another.

I have been caught out by this myself from time to time. We may be able to change this in future. For now, a quick click in the pane you want to zoom is hopefully not too onerous.