mouse zoom

Sorry if this is a dumb question.

Is there a way to turn off zooming with the mouse? I’m on a mac with a magic mouse. Often times when I am trying to select a pitch (Command+click), I accidentally zoom in or out, which is annoying.

No, there’s no way to disable zooming with the mouse, I’m afraid.

Hi Daniel,

My apologies that my first post is a complaint, since in general I feel quite celebratory about using Dorico.

If you were to open a score on a mac and attempt to drag-select any significant amount of material, it might become clear how important it is to find a way to disable zooming with the mouse. It can become incredibly irritating. Thanks.

Thanks for your feedback, Song. Can you be a bit more specific about what problem you’re encountering? I use Dorico on my a Mac all day every day and I don’t have any problems making selections, so I need a bit more information.

Dear Song,
I must say I understand Daniel’s question… We used to “have to” drag-select (lasso) in the early months of Dorico, it was the only productive way to batch select multiple things… But things have changed so much since 1.1 ! I don’t use the marquee select at all, and I spend quite some time on Dorico ! What do you use it for?

Hi Daniel and MarcLarcher,

Thank you for your replies and your request for clarification. Let’s say I want to select two items that are not contiguous. I use the command key and a mouse click to select them. Meanwhile, my score is suddenly much larger or smaller, so that the placement of each item has changed. So I have to zoom in or out again before continuing.

I am sure that it is my lack of knowledge of useful shortcuts, and that for others this might not be an issue. For me, when I am trying to work, it is an annoyance and a distraction. (I am only back on this page because this behavior became too annoying again, and I hoped to discover that changes had been made –– I hadn’t expected responses to my post, and had only offered it as feedback.)

Thanks again for your replies!



To select two non-contiguous items:

  1. Click the first item.
  2. Scroll to where the second item is.
  3. Type and hold the Cmd button.
  4. Click the second item.

Some experimentation would indicate that you’re trying to do step 3 before you do step 2. Don’t.

Hi pianoleo,

Thanks for your thoughts. Sometimes the items are close to each other, and no scrolling is necessary. The behavior happens when I go to click on the second item and my finger unintentionally scrolls slightly as I am attempting to click the second (or third or …) item. I think it must specifically be a magic mouse issue, since timschnittke, who began this thread, was also referring to the behavior in relation to a magic mouse. Are you using one?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nope, I’m afraid I’m not using a Magic Mouse.

Ah. Well, my mouse is getting rather aged. Perhaps a change is in order …

I appreciate your responses, pianoleo, thanks!

Song, consider a Logitech 2.4G wireless button mouse ($15/£15 ish) - I use them on my Mac and Windows PC - works a treat. I think they come in different colours too and the battery (1 x AA) lasts ages. Plug and Play on both platforms.

Brilliant! Thanks for the recommendation, RobF!