Mousewheel zoom on timeline without shortcut key


New Cubase 9 Pro user here. Coming from FL and S1 :sunglasses:

Firstly, the idea of this FR is to zoom without shortcut key. I know the hold CTRL and zoom shortcut.

Currently, if I move my cursor on that tiny slider area (pic #1) and scroll my mousewheel, it zooms. It zooms without any shortcut key. That is the thing I want. To zoom without any shortcut key. Unfortunately, that are is so small and tiny and it is down on the GUI. It is in difficult place. :frowning:

That’s why my request is that this same feature would be added to timeline section too. So, When I move my mouse to timeline section (pic #2), and I scroll my mousewheel, without shortcut key, it would zoom same way as it zoom in that tiny slider area (pic #1).

This shouldn’t be difficult to add. Few lines of code and it would make happy faces. Both, FL Studio and S1 have this same “timeline zoom with mousewheel”. I originally request this feature on both, FL and S1, and they both added it and now people love it. Just try it out. It’s really superb feature. Trust me :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is really essential part of my workflow, so can Steinberg be kind enough to add this little tiny feature? :stuck_out_tongue: