Movable lyrics extension-hyphens

The hyphens between words of lyrics… As far as I can tell, in Finale, they are unmovable.

I get to this point tonight in my latest project, figuring there was little I could do move the middle-stave hyphen to the left (note the one that is not like the others)…and I was able to manually move the hyphen!! :astonished: :open_mouth: :ugeek:
Movable hyphen 3 Aug 2017.png

Manual adjustment of graphical elements: Dorico 1 - Finale 0

Tonight, Dorico has really amazed me - and don’t get me going on how the score magically goes ‘poof’ - most cosmetic adjustments already made! Uh, oh - gotta make sure that staff stays put - poof!

I do miss being able to do a simple key-command to move one measure to a different system and back again, but I’m not sweating the small stuff when Dorico get so much right. #fanboy

…and no manual cosmetic adjustments necessary. Dorico is a trip.

I’m glad you’re enjoying Dorico, Jeff. I agree that it would be really neat to have similar key commands to Finale’s for manually changing the casting off, and I hope we’ll be able to implement something like that in the future.