move 2 automation points = impossible ?


i have 2 events on automation. first is min value of the curve 2nd is max. i want to move left for exemple.
i select both of them but as soon as i get my mouse close to one of them the icon change to tilt so i cant just grab them.
i don’t want to use the range selection that is not accurate for this.

any hint ?

OMG ! just realise it’s possible if you bring the mouse one pixel left bottom of the event the tilt change to finger… 1 pixel really ! can’t we have a bigger selection for that ?

Check the preference: Editing-Controls-Value Box / time control mode = Increment/decrement on left click.

Select events, Then just click&hold in the desire value in the info line (Start time) … up or down !

Done !

Ha start time… good idea thx.