Move a CD track?

Is there a way to move all the data that comprises a CD track-- clip, effects, envelopes, markers, etc.-- From 1 montage to another? I can only figure out how copy/paste the clip, itself. Drag-and-drop didn’t seem to work, either.


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Anyone? Is this not as simple as it sounds in Wavelab 7?

Select the clip(s) and Copy and paste. Drag and drop also works (drag the very top of the clip).


Thanks Philippe…But as far as I can tell:

  1. Copy/Paste didn’t work-- only audio, no plug-ins, envelopes or fades were copied;
  2. Dragging worked OK, but 1) Screwed up the envelopes of the track after where it was pasted, and I can’t find a reason why (made a long crossfades over the length of the whole clip), and 2) was somewhat clumsy based on the way I was working, to have to open a new workspace, move/re-size it, close the target montage (which was already open as a tab), re-open it, and drag. There could very well have been a better way to do this (‘open tab in new window’) but I couldn’t find it.

Can you advise on a better way or something I’m doing wrong? I need to get this done and would rather learn the right way to do it than to have to re-create my fades.


I invite you to try again, because this is a standard thing in WaveLab:

  1. Select the clip. I don’t mean: “make an audio time range selection”. To select a clip, click once on its lower part.
  2. Ctrl + C
  3. Switch to the destination montage track. Press Ctrl + V.

Also make an “Clone” of the existing Montage
and then delete clips, wav or CD tracks is a fast way

Montage > File > Clone

save the new cloned Montage when done

regards S-EH