Move Accent Articulations to the top of the notes in the write mode

I have some notes where I’ve put some accents on them, but they are showing up below the notes and in the staff. How can I move them to the top of the notes. I’ve searched the manuals (First steps… and , the Operations) as well as the web and can’t seem to find the answer. (I have Dorico Pro, latest version - running on Windows).

Doug :slight_smile:

Hi Doug, are you sure you want to do that? Dorico does a pretty good job of placing them correctly.

If so, switch to Engrave mode, select the articulation, and press F to flip.

Edit: oh yes, this page is missing the prerequisites that the lower zone is shown, and Properties is selected. That’s odd - I’ve made a note to correct that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

(E.g. as shown on this page: Changing the placement of articulations relative to slurs)

Yes I do want to do that. Dorico was leaving these marks in the staff. However, after re-reading the manual, it says you can do this in the write mode but you have to use the properties panel. I had to find that, which I finally did, and was able to make the changes I needed. The properties panel is hidden in the write mode until you hit the lower up arrow symbol under the writing area.

Doug :slight_smile:

Thanks! As I just explained to Dan, after re-reading the manual, I had to find the properties panel which is normally (at least the way I’m writing) hidden from view. Once I did that I was able to make the changes I needed.

Doug :slight_smile: