move background to background

So i’m starting to get some results with H6 macro’s and the more i tweak the better it gets. Fantastic tool!
Now i have a few templates that i want to finish and naturally i also want some nice backgrounds and finishing touch.
So i have found some bitmaps and i know how to add them, but…

The bitmaps i add are situated on top of my controls so in the macro the controls dissapear behind the bpm.

What i would like to know is if someone knows the procedure to say to the bpm “go to the background”.
There seems to be no such feature in the regular functions or i haven’t found it yet.
Many thanks for helping me out!

kind regards,

Hi Roel.

Just find the picture in the GUI tree and drag it to the bottom of the list, or at least below the controls you want to be visible.

If the items overlap the position in gui tree determines which one is in the foreground and which in the background.

tx misohoza !
that will do the trick.

big hug ! :smiley:

kind regards,