Move by Grid Value not respecting piano roll window

I have a key command set up for increasing and decreasing the Grid Value and also key commands for Move Left by Grid Value and Move Right by Grid Value. In Write mode, when the Piano Roll is in focus the key commands to increase and decrease the grid value work, but are not respected by the move left and right key commands when I shift a note. The notes only shift the amount set by the regular grid amount setting in the bottom left hand side of the GUI.
In PLAY mode, the Piano Roll editor is always in focus (if shown) but again the shifting of notes only respects the value in the bottom left, and not the grid value set in the actual editor. I’m not sure if the grid value in the piano roll is purely a visual thing, but it would by nice if you could shift notes by that note value using the shift left and right key commands.

Okay, so I’ve just found the appropriate paragraph in the Version History and see that the Grid value in the Piano Roll pertains mainly to the Snap amount, but I think it would still be nice if this respected the shift left and right key commands.

The grid in the Key Editor isn’t purely visual, because it affects what happens when you input or edit notes with the mouse. We could potentially change the Alt+left/right and Shift+Alt+left/right commands to move notes by the Key Editor grid resolution when the Key Editor is in focus, but that feels like quite a fundamental change in how editing in Dorico works, particularly because right now there’s no good way to tell at a glance whether the Key Editor or the music area has the focus.