Move caret by rhythmic grid resolution and not nearest note/rest?

From the latest manual:

  • To move the caret according to the current rhythmic grid resolution or to the next/previous note/rest, whichever is closest, press Right Arrow/Left Arrow.

That’s great! I’m just wondering if there is any modifier key combo or setting where I can isolate the caret to only snap to the rhythmic grid and not pause on notes/rests?

You can type Space to advance by the current note value, ignoring existing entries. I don’t think there’s a way to do it in reverse. You can jump to a barline, though.

Yep, use those too. It’s minor but my use case here is inputting smaller note values which have a lot of rests in between so I wanted to set the distance between notes to input at my rhythmic grid (half notes) and quickly advance along while keeping my actual note input values (8th notes) at a different setting. To use spacebar of course I would have to switch the note value itself. A nice setting, I think, would be a modifier key + arrows to only move by rhythmic grid, although I fully understand it seems most modifier key + arrow combinations are already taken up by many other things :wink:

For a series of short notes with spaces I like to enter them full length with no breaks, and change them to the right length afterward.


Oh ok! Actually that’s a good idea, considering in many situations in my case they do need to be the same note value, so I could simply use larger notes to space them how I want and the lasso+select and change them all to the correct note value in one go. Good thinking, thanks Mark!

Edit: Seriously brilliant, I just tried it and blazed through a passage in under 10 seconds. You just saved me a bunch of time :slight_smile:

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