Move cautionary clef before end-repeat / not the same F-clef

How can I get the cautionary F-clef before the :||?

Right now I have

(The piece starts with F-clef, and continues after the repeat with F-clef, only a section in the repeat is with G-clef, so the original manuscript has the correct notation IMO.)

One could argue that the player might understand that at the repeat the initial clef is to be used, but a cautionary clef before :|| I think is better than what I currently have in Dorico.

I can scale it to 1% but there is still lines after the bar line

Also, trying to write an F-clef using text and Music Text “fclef” does not seem to generate the same clef used by Dorico;

It is a different design.

Dorico uses an optical variant for clef changes, which is why the text item you’re creating doesn’t look exactly the same.

Dorico doesn’t provide any options to position clefs before end repeat barlines at the moment, though I agree that it should be possible. However, in this case, it feels like Dorico is more correct, doesn’t it? If the repeated section is in G clef, and the section following the end repeat barline is in F clef, it’s more helpful to show the F clef after the end repeat barline.

To get the cautionary F-clef before the end repeat, set the rhythmic grid resolution to a 32nd note, select the F-clef in write mode and press Alt/Opt-Left Arrow. To move the clef closer to the end repeat, use the properties panel in engrave mode to set the Spacing offset to a positive value.


Since the piece starts with F-clef having the F-clef after the repeat would indicate that when bar 1 is played again it would be with G-clef. Naturally a pathological example, any performer would understand that the initial clef in bar 1 would be used on the repeat, but having the F-clef before the repeat would serve 2 purposes, both for the repeat to bar 1, and for the continuation after the repeat barline.

Perhaps, like for grace notes, a “clef before bar line” option could be added?

For a piece that starts with G-clef the placement after is correct, as you say.

Many thanks!
(The note spacing on the system will not be perfect, but no one will notice. Removing the clef shows the Dorico-ideal spacing of the line, but it is not a big difference. Perhaps a zero-width option for “items” could be a future setting.)