Move Clips to Cursor

as the title says, is there a way to move selected clips to a cursor location?


select clips use keys cmd + x
set cursor, paste with keys cmd + v

even read online or download pdf to do more here

regards S-EH

Simply drag the clip to the cursor.

And if you need more accuracy, you can see the precise cursor location in the lower right corner, and then that time can be manually entered into the Clips Tab for the Clip Start Time but normally, the cursor does act as a magnet if you’re manually dragging the clip to the cursor.

So first of all thanks all for the replies. its always hard for me on topics like this where I present something, everyone offers a possible option, but unfortunately none of them are on the target. as they say “all due respect” and all that.
let me try to go a little deeper here. I have been studying the align clips dialog from the functions menu in the clips tab. All the great alignment options there, but no option to align to cursor. For some reason, somewhere I thought I had seen that option, so I posted here hoping I just couldnt find it, but it was there somewhere. So now it seems apparent, that there is no such option. All the solutions presented here are good for their specific tasks, just not for the one I am trying to accomplish.
here is a scenario … I have a song in the montage I am about to master, I bring in 3 reference tracks, I am only going to use a particular piece of each reference track say 30 sec or so, new clips created of 30 secs, 3 separate clips. I am going to use those 3 separate 30 sec clips at a final chorus of my song. I set the cursor at the final chorus of my song, now, yes as PG says, I can take each clip one by one and drag them to the cursor, (which actually is what i usually do with my current workflow) or I could as S-EH suggests, cut and paste my clips, they dont auto align to cursor when using 3 separate clips. And I can very specifically set my cursor location as Justin suggests, although the cursor position is not really what the struggle is.
But what is the desired result is set the cursor, select my multiple clips, go to something like the align clips dialog, go to the option, align clips to cursor (which doesnt exist) and Voilà, everything is aligned and I can get back to work.
again, I do appreciate everyone’s input…

Just to make sure, it would be nice if you could display your montage (example) before and after the clip moves.


move to cursor
PG instead of a picture heres a 1 min video showing scenario…

Suggestion use cursor or marker “where to insert”
and now use “Insert” tab in montage
click on Audio Files and insert
it’s possible to select and click on Clips and move around
to cursor or marker

regards S-EH

thanks Steve for that input. Its almost a viable solution, but the multiple clip thing continues to hamper the results. Also the fact that I’m trying to do this with reference tracks changes what options are available.

Thanks for the demo. Given the fact that we already have this “Align” dialog, I agree it would be nice to add this option. I note this for WaveLab 12.

Excellent,thank you as always PG…