Move config and templates

I recently added a new drive to my rig and installed a fresh macOS Sierra to the new drive, keeping my old El Capitan drive around for safety. I had to reinstall a fresh copy of Cubase 8.5 but I want to move my configuration settings and project templates (i.e. what you see in the steinberg hub for recording projects) to the new install.

How can I do that?


The easiest way is to use Cubase Profiles from the File menu. Export your Cubase profile from your old system in Cubase, and import it to the new system.

Thanks Martin, that was very helpful. The only other thing I had to do was to copy my project templates from the old disk’s ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 8.5/Project Templates/*.cpr to the new disk at the same location. Now my templates show up in the Hub.