move/copy project and have 'project folder' change too

Hi Forum

In order to move or copy a project I use ’ backup project’.
I would like that new folder folder to contain all samples of the project. - In other words to be my new ‘project folder’

My project folder location can be seen in the top part of the pool window. also when I try to use ’ new library’ it still doesn’t change my project folder.

Any ideas what I do wrong ?

Regards Thomas B.

Backup Project should create a new Project with a new Project Folder and copy (not move) your audio files into this new Project Folder into the Audio sub-folder. Are you sure you are opening the newly created Project instead of the original Project. E.G. if you have a project called Song1 and you use Backup to create a new Project called Song1A make sure you’ve opened Song1A & not Song1.

Also verify that your Pool audio is initially located in the folder Song1/Audio. If you attempt to have your audio in a location other than the default Audio sub-folder it’s generally asking for trouble.