Move Cubase License from one eLicenser to another

i have one e-licenser usb device which i use with my cubase software and i need to take it with me from work to home, which i use it in both locations,
is it possible to buy a new e-licenser device and move the license from one usb to another according to the desktop im using?
at home when i need to use cubase at home and at work when i mostly use it.


You can move your license from one USB eLicenser to the other but you will still have to move that dongle from one computer to the other. Why? Because you only have one license for Cubase and that license allows you to run Cubase on whatever computer it is plugged into.

If you want to run Cubase on two computers without having to move the dongle you will need to purchase a 2nd Cubase license and put one of the license on each dongle. Bottom line if you want to do this… you will have to purchase another Cubase.

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