Move Cubase license to new computer (Soft eLicenser)


I bought a new computer to use as my DAW and I’m trying to move the license from my previous machine, but this looks like a task for a comedy movie or something because it’s so complicated and confusing it appears it was done on purpose to make it almost impossible.

So I installed both Cubase LE AI Elements 11 and the eLicenser Control Center on my new PC. Then I go to both the previous PC and the new one and click on maintenance. After much clicking and looking up stuff on the web I now have a new eLicenser number on my new PC, but when I try to insert that number in the Reactivation web page from Steinberg (after logging in) I now get an “Security Error #2FG0” error, which is super friendly and helpful! (NOT!)

So what can I try next? Isn’t there a clear and updated tutorial on how to do this?

Please help! (and don’t take weeks to reply!!!)


Wait, I think I got it, doing this worked: Security Error #2FG0 ??? - #3 by Omuzak

Yep, everything is ok now. But this process should be so much simpler, or have a decent step-by-step tutorial. Kudos people!