Move Cubase Project - Feature Request

Cubase 13 added a great new time-saving feature with the mono->stereo conversion which can now be done with one click. Now another complex and error-prone operation is that of moving a project folder to a new location on the file system. I can not imagine it would be difficult to code a “Move Project Folder” feature and it would be a major simplification for users who need to do this occasionally. Please consider.

That’s just a simple windows function. There is already a backup feature that is great.

mkok In my experience if you do a simple move with windows file explorer links get broken and things don’t work. The Cubase answer to this has been to create a backup in the new location then delete the original. It can be done that way but not a natural way to do something as common as “Save As”.

I’d be very uncomfortable letting Cubase decide to delete the original Project before I had a chance to determine that all is well with the new copy. The way it works now using Backup Project… seems the prudent approach.

Are you afraid to let Windows move a file/folder when you drag & drop?

The difference between this FR and what we have now is only a couple keystrokes.

I agree, for safety I would prefer to delete the original project folder myself.

I infer from the request that @stratpilot is not aware of the Media>Prepare Archive… function, which collects all the files belonging to the project and puts them in the project folder. This allows one to then

Depending on the situation what it is I’ll often use Copy rather than Move in Windows.