"Move Cursor Position To" issue

In my studio I’m still working with Wavelab 6. I’m having a little bit of an issue when it comes to defining the cursor position by the function “Move Cursor To”. Let’s say, I want to move it exactly to a certain position, e.g., 4:2.000, or 4:3.000 or 4:4.000, it won’t let me move the cursor to those specific locations. It will send the cursor to the beginning of that beat, e.g., 4:1.000. No matter what beat, e.g., 15:3.000, 24:4.000, it will place at the beginning of those beats, e.g., 15:1.000, 24:1.000. My question is, WHY? In my laptop, I’m running Wavelab 7 Elements, and there its even worse, because where I would input the numbers, it looks and acts scrambled. It won’t allow me to user define anything. But the important concern is in Wavelab 6. I don’t remember if that little function worked properly under Windows XP Professional (its been a while), But all I remember is that I used to be able to user define the cursor position for critical editing.

Can anyone help.