Move cursor to start before independent drum track loop?

Sorry if I didn’t find it but I’ve searched for it…
My question is: how can I move the cursor out of the independent drum track loop to start the tune before the loop itself start?

You could put a Marker where you want to start & then jump to that.

If you are looking for something more on the fly there are Key Commands to move the Cursor forwards & back. Not at Cubase for exact details but I’d expect they are in the Transport section.

Thank you @raino but I can’t get out of it… I just opened my pc so I’ll try again but for now I’m still… :thinking:
Schermata 2022-12-28 alle 17.13.57
I have a marker set at bar 67 (number 6 in the marker track) but if I click 6 on the numerick keypad cursor remains into the loop and if I try to click in the ruler out of the loop cursor doesn’t move… (even arrows make only moving cursor loop inside the independent loop…)
I’ll let you know if find a solution…

Independent track loops are unlinked from the transport, so this isn’t possible.

Thank you @steve!
I think this is not very handy, though; imho should be a way to check the effect of the independent loop without closing drum editor and going back to the project… Anyway…