Move Cycle range command?

Hi there,

I’m testing out Cubase 7.5 and I’m wondering if there is the following workflow possibility? I checked the manual and couldn’t find anything.

If I have drawn in a cycle range of say 4 bars is there a command/keyboard shortcut which lets me move that 4 bar range to the next 4 bars? It would be very handy rather than having to redraw the range every time. I hope that makes sense.


Not sure if there a key command for that although i think you could set up a macro for it.

Maybe via markers if no other way…

Also the Transport - Loop selection(shift G) seems to work similar to that. Just click the event, shift G (for me).

Check out the list of default key commands in the file menu :slight_smile:

I seem to remember someone posted a macro for this some time ago. A search should bring it up …

You don’t necessarily have to make a macro, these commands are available for you to assign from the Key Commands dialog window. There is a search box in there, search for ‘loop’.

Many commands and functions can be learned by browsing the key commands dialog. Exploring this list is an excellent way to learn what’s available in Cubase, and an enormous time saver.

Thanks for replying. In Samplitude you can use a keyboard shortcut to move a cycle range either left or right. It’s very useful if you’re editing for example a song 4 bars at a time. If you look at the Gif I’m using Shift + Ctrl+ left/right arrow.

Aah I found it :slight_smile: It’s called “Loop Range Left” and “Loop Range Left”. Although it only moves it in one bar increments rather than moving it forward by the cycle amount. But it’s good enough. I guess a macro would do that. It’s a shame I didn’t find earlier as I finished the editing I needed to do but I will know for next time thanks for everyone’s input.


The Nudge Loop Range commands use the quantize value or Grid Type. So with Bar selected the loop range will move one bar.

Or, you can create your own command that does exactly what you show in the gif (with the Range Tool active):

Transport - Locate Selection End
Transport - Set Left Locator
Transport - Step bar
Transport - Step bar
Transport - Step bar
Transport - Step bar
Transport - Set right Locator
Edit - Select in loop

That moves the selection right, to move the opposite way create a second macro with Step Back Bar in place of Step Bar.

You can also create a Groove Quantize preset to create a a Quantize value for four bars, and there are certainly other ways to do this too. (Search vic_france’s posts - he wrote something related to this iirc in the past couple weeks)

you can make your macro, as suggested above, but it will always be just those 4 bars.

there is currently no way to make the locators / range move the exact amount of time / bars+beats in the current range selection.

Doesn’t matter to me, i found the macro tip from SteveInChicago very helpful !
Thanx for that !

Here’s what I do when I need this type of functionality:

“Locators to Selection”

  • Create a new track, audio or midi, doesn’t mater.
  • Create empty parts on that track where you want to move to quickly. In your case it would be 4 bars each.
  • Click any of those parts and hit the letter P. The locators will snap to that part.

The cool thing about this technique is that the ranges could be anything - some 4 bars some 2 bar etc.

I usually work on contemporary music so simply setting up cycle ranges in the marker track is enough. But when I’m doing sound design work which can be more random the “Locators to Selection” technique is what I do.

Hope that helps.


this makes sense, but it seems you may be doing what cycle markers are designed to do?

Agreed. That’s why I qualified my response. I only do this when my marker track is already cluttered and I want to quickly augment my cycle marker locations in a temporary way.
Having 4 bar cycle markers on top of traditional song part markers can get a little crazy.

Just a personal technique that I thought I’d throw out there .

i was just curious to hear your motivation, because i’ve switched to using empty midi parts to substitute for markers lately. it’s somehow visually more organised looking (esp. when color-coding the parts), and i’ve been experiencing some random bugs with markers getting displaced despite being locked.

Is it possible to make it move selection to next 4 bars while recording? Now you have to stop recording, move to next loop selection, again start recording…