move drum tracks to another drum track

I try to explain it as clearly as possible …
It drives me crazy when I import an xml or a midi file in to Dorico 3.5.10 and my drumset is not correct.
For example, my snare always comes in line with the woodblock and of course it sounds like a woodblock too. So I would like to move the wooblock track in its entirety to the snare track. How can I do that? Or give the woodblock track a different (snare) instrument?
I’ve been looking for an explanation/tutorial for a long time, but can’t find anything.
A solution please?
thanks in advance

oh, I’m using macOS Catalina…

never mind …
I don’t understand why, but suddenly I could do this in piano roll:
select the drum track and then move with option + arrow up to the snare.
Strange, I had already tried it 100 times …

Now the question is, how do I select the whole track at once? now i’ve done it piece by piece …

I can’t imagine exactly what you’re seeing without seeing the project, but it sounds like the sort of thing that’s best achieved in Setup mode. Edit the percussion kit and change the instruments within it, or if you’re dealing with single line percussion instruments just change the instruments.

Yes in setup mode is the first option I tried, but without success.
I don’t see how I can change an instrument other than moving up or down the drum kit instruments.

Unfortunately I can’t show you the problem anymore because I solved it the other way, but the snare came on the B line (woodblock) and I wanted it on the C line (Snare).